Laeta Consulting is a membership association management consultancy. That tongue-twisters means that we want your association to be successful.

At Laeta Consulting, we understand that our clients face unique challenges managing and scaling the organization. We strive to bring calm, stress-free planning where there was once confusing, detail-ridden logistics. We are a creative and thorough team ready to use all our savvy for your benefit.

Monet Spells


Over the past 7 years, I’ve added various skills to my toolkit in preparation for this venture. What skills, you ask? Product management, technology, user experience, design, research, and baking. That means I bring an analytical and logical eye to each problem, look for opportunities to improve experiences, ask the right questions, and craft each detail to perfection. When I hit a roadblock I bake to clear my mind, then get back to work!

Monet Spells

Can your organization dream without details getting in the way?

At Laeta Consulting, we dream in details so you don’t have to.

Our Capabilities


Manage and maintain your membership system to keep the focus on the mission, not the method.


Leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure your organization is ahead of the curve.


Craft pre-meeting and pre-conference details for minimal stress and maximum enjoyment.


Maintain and update your website so online visitors get accurate, helpful, and around-the-clock information.